Portable E.E.G

EEG- is a Windows XP notebook PC based EEG with high performance and expandability with optional hardware and software.

achine can be totally customized for various tests, nerves, muscles and sites with complete choice of amplifier, filter & sweep setting and also analytical settings like markers, their normative values for auto searching on the one time basis. Hardware is fully controlled by Software allowing complete setting to implemented for each test automatically without bothering the user. This makes the machine fastest of its kind without compromising the flexibility to perform large variety of tests with extremely detailed customization. All this is achieved by highly organized back-end database and actual understanding of the clinical use of the machine.



Economical – use the same junction box for routine EEG and PSG.

      • Current model amplifier.
  • LTM Video/Audio Option Includes:
    • License/USB Dongle.
    • Sony Ipela Camera on adjustable height pole.
    • Audio base station.
    • DV Belkin adaptor, hub/switch, and interconnecting cables for above components.
  • EEG Examination Support Software 
    • Adult seizure detection and review.
    • Voltage mapping.
    • EEG central monitoring.
  • Automatic photic stimulation.
  • 8 channel DSA trend graph.
  • 64 channels plus one event marker channel display.
  • Standard Windows networking.
  • EEG Scope: Review previous EEG while monitoring and acquiring new EEG.
  • Open up to four EEG files at the same time.
  • Trace annotation and fast jumping to events.
  • Montage map.
  • Note windows let you copy any part of the waveform window.
  • 3-D voltage mapping displays voltage maps in six different views or a sequence of voltage maps in one view.


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