Ø Feeding tube is used for neonates and pediatric feeding.


Ø Feeding tube is used for neonates and paediatric feeding.

ØManufactured from non toxic, medical grade PVC compound.

ØDistal end is smooth coned shape for non traumatic intubation.

ØTwo lateral eyes for efficient drainage.

ØThe tube is marked at 20 cm from the distal end for accurate placement into the abdomen.

ØRadio opaque line provided throughout the tube for X-ray visualization.

ØProximal end is provided with Luer mount for connection with feeding device.



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For Infant – 4FG ,, 5FG,, 6FG,, 7FG,, 8FG,, 9FG,, 10FG
For Adult – 10 to 20FG


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